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Modafresh 200 mg

Modafresh 200 mg is a nootropic supplement used as a cognitive enhancer to boost memory, focus, and motivation. Modafresh 200 mg is a generic form of Modafinil or Provigil.

Modafresh 200 mg or Modafinil, in particular, is widely used amongst silicon valley professionals, students, sportsmen, and the Military to enhance their ability to focus and interact in daily tasks.


One pill of Modafresh 200 mg daily is recommended. Modafresh is Fat-soluble and is recommended to be consumed with a fat source, ideally right after breakfast. For detailed dosage instructions please refer the following chart.

UsesModafresh 200mg
For Studies or Cognitive health200mg once in the Morning
Narcolepsy200mg Daily (increase dosage if required)
Sleep Apnea200mg Once Daily
Shift work sleep disorder200mg 1-2 hours before work shift

Modafresh 200 mg should not be consumed with drugs that are known to have an adverse effect with Modafinil chemicals. If you are on medications related to heart diseases, make sure to check the contraindications that are recommended with your dosage to avoid unwanted side effects

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